If it is on or near the water and you need to fuel it, move it or secure it, you have called the right place

Our Story

Marine Operations for Tyee Propane Limited began in 1990, as a water access only fuel delivery service. Over the next 15 years, 5 specific routes were developed on the British Columbian south coast. These routes are: Indian Arm, Jervis Inlet, Howe Sound, Pitt Lake and the Gulf Islands. The first vessel, MV Tyee Supplier, was the company’s sole delivery vessel until 2008. Tyee Propane earned an excellent reputation as a reliable and economical service. In 2004, Tyee Propane asked David Kensall to join the company.

David saw the need for a new vessel with capabilities beyond fuel delivery. By including Cargo delivery to its services, Tyee Propane’s Marine Operations became a well rounded marine service company. With the company’s backing David designed and built the MV Tyee Titan. This vessel came into operation in 2007 and has been a consistent workhorse since.

After the death of the founder of Tyee Propane Ltd’s parent company Autogas Propane Ltd, David was presented with the opportunity to acquire the marine division. He purchased the assets of Tyee Propane’s Marine Operations in June of 2011 and has emerged as new company, Tyee Pacific Marine Operations Ltd. in order to better reflect the greater scope of our services.

The core of our business is the marine delivery of diesel fuel, liquid propane and accessories. Propane as a fuel source is gaining popularity. Combined with other environmentally friendly energy systems propane has become the fuel of choice for water accessed properties. Along with fuel delivery, we offer competitive rates on cargo and have the ability to complete deliveries with unique challenges. We also offer dock, ramp and mooring: installation, inspection and repair services.

Tyee Pacific Marine Operations Ltd’s team strives to be the most customer orientated, environmentally conscious marine fuel and cargo delivery company on the coast.